PART Specifications

Quick introduction to technical properties of Particl's native PART coin. Read our PART coin FAQ on Wiki for more details

Updated August 15, 2018

Blockchain specifications

Block time 120 seconds 5× faster than BTC
Block size 2 MB 2× larger than BTC
Consensus mechanism Particl Proof-of-Stake with quantum-resistant cold-staking
Money Supply ≈ 9.081 million PART
Always up-to-date BTC codebase YESNew changes to Bitcoin codebase are integrated to Particl regularly to keep up with latest security fixes and performance improvements
SegWit Segregated Witness YESNative support for all transactions
Atomic Swaps YESSupported with compatible blockchains
Fair distribution YESNo ICO, no pre-mine


Particl Cold Staking YESStaking via dedicated devices or hardware wallets
Yearly interest rate 4 % decreasing each year by 1% (after 2 years onwards 2% yearly)
Current staking reward ≈ 1.2428 PART
Coin maturity 225 confirmations approx. 8 hours

Privacy features

Multi-state privacy YES3 optional privacy levels for transactions
Public transactions YESBitcoin-like public transactions, auditable on blockchain
Blind transactions AKA Confidential Transactions (CT) YESTransaction parties are visible on blockchain, but the amount is hidden
Private transactions AKA RingCT On testnet only Both transaction parties & amounts are hidden on blockchain

Security features

Multi-signature wallets YESSupported with Particl Copay
Ledger hardware wallet YESSupported with Particl Qt
Trezor harware wallet In development Supported with Particl Qt
Staking from hardware wallet YESKeep your coins safe and stake them at the same time
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