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Updated 14 August 2018

In Progress Testnet/Mainnet

Market Listing Governance

The Particl Marketplace is being built to be self-sustaining, self-governing and completely decentralized. Governance is a huge piece of the puzzle that the team will be focused on developing to protect privacy and protect users.

In Progress Testnet/Mainnet


Multiwallets will allow you to set up multiple wallets within the same Particl Desktop client, dramatically increasing your security, privacy, and usability by isolating your data and history used on different profiles.

In Progress Testnet/Mainnet

Particl Marketplace (beta)

Our next major release of the decentralized marketplace will be BETA. Beta MP may or may-not be a mainnet viable product. It is too early to tell but is something the team will be transparent in communicating. Privacy and Governance are 2 of the major factors that ultimately will decide.

In Progress Mainnet

Software Development Kit (SDK)

A plan to have a SDK for developers is in the pipeline. The SDK will allow the creation of applications within the Marketplace or Desktop.

In Progress

Community Fund Vote

There is PART remaining from the Community Initiative Fund #1 –  roughly 30,000 PART (at this time) with a few more claims still being vetted. The community needs to create a plan for these extra coins that were donated but not needed. Start brainstorming!

Planned Testnet/Mainnet

iOS Copay mobile wallet

Particl’s mobile wallet, Particl Copay, is currently only available for Android devices as well as desktops. We plan on releasing an iOS version for it to be published on Apple’s App Store.

Planned Testnet/Mainnet

ZMQ for MP Messages

Short for ZeroMQ, this is an automated messaging system that allows messages and notifications to be automatically pushed to Particl Desktop. An example would be if Particl Desktop has an update available, ZMQ will push notification to Particl Desktop and users will see a notice a new version of the Desktop is available.

Planned Testnet/Mainnet

Particl Marketplace Release

All versions of the MP leading up to full release will be testing versions and live versions with new features introduced at each release. Once RingCT is on mainnet, Governance is fully developed, and currency-agnostic options like cross-chain atomic swaps/integrations have been through the proper testing environment we’ll plan a Full Particl Marketplace Release.

Planned Testnet/Mainnet

Bulletproofs: Short Proofs for Confidential Transactions

Bulletproofs is a big development that we will be reviewing this year. We estimate research, development, implementation and testing will be a 3–4 month part-time assignment for Tecnovert, Particl Lead Core Developer.

Planned Mainnet

RingCT – Hardfork

Particl will have a planned hardfork to move RingCT from testnet to mainnet. Users of Particl Desktop and Particl Copay will get a notification to upgrade each application. The app will insure users are always on the correct PART blockchain.

Planned Testnet/Mainnet

Copay Cold Staking

Particl Copay is a secure wallet made for desktop and mobile OS. We plan to integrate Particl Cold Staking into this multi-signature wallet.

Planned Testnet/Mainnet

Lightning Network

A lot of excitement is stirring in the space because of lightning (LND) releasing on mainnet. Obviously, this is a big item on our radar as we build paths for other cryptocurrency coins to be used on Particl Marketplace.

Planned Testnet/Mainnet

Blind Lightning

What if Particl Confidential TXs or even RingCT could be leveraged in atomic swaps/lightning network transactions between PART and other coins – providing true privacy for non-private coins?

Completed Testnet/Mainnet

Ledger Wallet Integration

August 7, 2018 – Initial support for the Ledger Hardware Wallet is here!
This has not yet been extended to blind or anon transactions and therefore currently cannot be used exclusively for all functions of the wallet. Support will continue to be extended in future versions.

Completed Mainnet

RingCT – Academic Review

July 2018 – NJIT researchers are 5 months into review and will provide the foundation with a report after 6 months on the privacy, cryptography and security recommendations for Particl’s RingCT implementation on the latest Bitcoin codebase.

Completed Testnet

Particl Marketplace (alpha)

May 31, 2018 – ALPHA is the long-awaited decentralized marketplace dApp within Particl Desktop. The Market alpha release of the marketplace will be barebones to start as users begin to test and progress through the buying/selling process.

Completed Mainnet

Support for Hardware Signing Devices

March 20, 2018 – Particl Core 0.16 introduces generic support for Hardware Signing Devices to provide key-signing capabilities.

Completed Mainnet

Stealth Addresses v2

March 20, 2018 – In order to facilitate deterministic generation of stealth addresses between Particl Core and Signing Devices the method used to generate these addresses had to be changed.

Completed Mainnet

Quantum-resistant Cold Staking

November 11, 2017 – 1st true cold staking PoS protocol implemented. Enhances privacy for stakers, staking becomes quantum-resistant.

Completed Mainnet

Atomic Swaps

September 24, 2017 – Particl integrates and enables atomic swaps with other supported blockchains.

Completed Mainnet

Blockchain genesis, SegWit, CT

July 17, 2017 – Particl blockchain launched as pure PoS (no PoW period or pre-mine) with native Segwit support, Confidential Transactions (CT) and decentralized voting. Particl Core (Qt wallet) released.


Non-profit Foundation

July 4, 2017 – Particl Stiftung, a Swiss non-profit foundation, is created and registered to support the project financially, legally and strategically.


Marketplace Whitepaper

March 22, 2017 – The first draft of the Particl Marketplace whitepaper is released.

Particl Desktop

Particl Desktop is our flagship product and is the best application to begin using PART. All available and in-development features are bundled in Desktop.

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